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Zamir Iqbal Intermediate Islamic Finance

Explore Islamic finance at a deeper level Intermediate Islamic Finance: Theory and Practice fills the gap for students and professionals who are already familiar with the fundamentals of Islamic finance, but would like to gain an enhanced understanding of Islamic finance theories and practices. This comprehensive text provides you with coverage of global developments and describes the role of Islamic finance within the global finance community to guide you in your understanding of this important aspect of the international financial landscape. The book references advance concepts and specific problems in the practice of Islamic finance, provides suggested further readings for each chapter, offers details of advanced analysis, and presents key data in visual form via graphs, figures, and tables. Profound changes have taken place in the financial landscape over the past few decades, including major innovations in financial instruments and substantial changes in regulation. With global financial markets becoming increasingly important players in the industry, it is critical that todays financial professionals understand the essence and implications of key Islamic finance theories and practices. Build upon your fundamental understanding of Islamic finance Explore some areas of convergence and conflict between Islamic finance and conventional finance Strengthen the harmony between Islamic and conventional finance theories and their applications Prepare for a well-rounded career in finance by better understanding how Islamic finance principles apply Intermediate Islamic Finance: Theory and Practice is an essential text for graduate and post-graduate finance students, economists, researchers, bankers, financial regulators, policymakers, and members of the business community who want to develop a deeper understanding of Islamic finance theories and practices.

5787.07 РУБ



Syeda Habib Fahmida Fundamentals of Islamic Finance and Banking

A comprehensive and fully up-to-date introductory textbook to Islamic finance and banking Islamic finance and banking is being used increasingly globally – especially in the regions of Middle East and North Africa, South East and South Asia. To cater to the need of trained Islamic finance staff, a large number of Educational institutions are beginning to offer courses, majors and minors in Islamic finance and banking. The major challenge faced by these institutions are suitable textbooks for both undergrad and post-grad levels and especially with the relevant instructor resources (PPTs, test bank, practice activities and answer keys). Luckily, Fundamentals of Islamic Finance and Banking is here to cover the most important topics related to Islamic finance and banking (IF&B) that are relevant for students of business, finance and banking. Offers an historical background of Islamic finance Covers the principles of Sharia Law as pertinent to finance and banking Provides in-depth discussion of the six key Islamic banking products: Murabaha, Mudaraba, Musharaka, Ijara, Salam and Istisna Discusses the Islamic insurance (Takaful) Gives an overview of Islamic investment, especially Sukuks Concludes with the global standing of the Islamic Finance and Banking industry Would-be colleges and universities offering this subject as a course within their finance and/or banking program can’t be without this invaluable guide.

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Faleel Jamaldeen Islamic Finance For Dummies

A detailed look at the fast-growing field of Islamic banking and finance The global Islamic finance market is now worth about $700 billion worldwide. Islamic Finance For Dummies helps experienced investors and new entrants into Islamic finance quickly get up to speed on this growing financial sector. Here, youll find clear and easy-to-understand information on how you can incorporate Islamic finance products into your investment portfolio. Youll quickly and easily: become acquainted with the theory, practice, and limitations of Islamic banking; understand how to develop products for the Islamic financial industry; grasp the objectives and sources of Islamic law and the basic guidelines for business contacts; learn about Islamic fund management and insurance; and much more. Coverage of the role Islamic finance can play in the development of the financial system and of economies Addresses the risks and rewards in Islamic banking The future prospects and opportunities of the Islamic finance industry With the help of Islamic Finance For Dummies, youll discover the fast and easy way to tap into the booming Islamic finance arena.

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Tariq Alrifai Islamic Finance and the New Financial System. An Ethical Approach to Preventing Future Crises

Can Islamic finance save the global system? Islamic Finance and the New Financial System describes how the adoption of Islamic finance principles in future regulatory decisions could help prevent future shocks in the global financial system. Using illustrations and examples to highlight key points in recent history, this book discusses the causes of financial crises, why they are becoming more frequent and increasingly severe, and how the new financial system will incorporate elements of Islamic finance – whether deliberately or not. With an introspective look at the system and an examination of the misconceptions and deficiencies in theory vs. practice, readers will learn why Islamic finance has not been as influential as it should be on the larger global system. Solutions to these crises are thoroughly detailed, and the author puts forth a compelling argument about what can be expected in the future. Despite international intervention and global policy changes, the financial system remains in a fragile state. There is an argument to be made about integrating Islamic finance into the new system to facilitate stronger resilience, and this book explains the nuts and bolts of the idea while providing the reader with a general understanding of Islamic finance. Understand the key principles of Islamic finance Examine the history of the current financial system Discover how Islamic finance can help build a new debt-free economy Learn how Islamic finance theory doesnt always dictate practice Although Islamic finance is a growing market, it is still a foreign concept to many. Those within the Islamic finance circles wonder why the system has yet to gain broader appeal despite its ability to create a strong and well-balanced economy. Islamic Finance and the New Financial System provides clever analysis and historical background to put the issues into perspective.

4501.06 РУБ



Abbas Mirakhor Introductory Mathematics and Statistics for Islamic Finance

A unique primer on quantitative methods as applied to Islamic finance Introductory Mathematics and Statistics for Islamic Finance + Website is a comprehensive guide to quantitative methods, specifically as applied within the realm of Islamic finance. With applications based on research, the book provides readers with the working knowledge of math and statistics required to understand Islamic finance theory and practice. The numerous worked examples give students with various backgrounds a uniform set of common tools for studying Islamic finance. The in-depth study of finance requires a strong foundation in quantitative methods. Without a good grasp of math, probability, and statistics, published theoretical and applied works in Islamic finance remain out of reach. Unlike a typical math text, this book guides students through only the methods that directly apply to Islamic finance, without wasting time on irrelevant techniques. Each chapter contains a detailed explanation of the topic at hand, followed by an example based on real situations encountered in Islamic finance. Topics include: Algebra and matrices Calculus and differential equations Probability theory Statistics Written by leading experts on the subject, the book serves as a useful primer on the analysis methods and techniques students will encounter in published research, as well as day-to-day operations in finance. Anyone aspiring to be successful in Islamic finance needs these skills, and Introductory Mathematics and Statistics for Islamic Finance + Website is a clear, concise, and highly relevant guide.

3211.82 РУБ



Simon Archer Islamic Finance. The New Regulatory Challenge

From the worlds foremost authorities on the subject, the number-one guide to Islamic finance revised and updated for a post-crisis world Because it is entirely equity-based, rather than credit-based, Islamic finance is immune to the speculative bubbles and runaway volatility typical of Western finance. Especially now, in the wake of the global financial crisis, this has made them increasingly attractive to institutional investors, asset managers and hedge funds in search of more stable alternatives to conventional financial products. With interest in Islamic finance swiftly spreading beyond the Muslim world, the need among finance and investment professionals has never been greater for timely and authoritative information about the rules governing Islamic finance. This thoroughly updated and revised second edition of the premier guide to regulatory issues in Islamic finance satisfies that need. Addresses the need for banks to develop common Islamic-based international accounting and auditing standards Clearly explains the key differences between Shariah rulings, standardization of acceptable banking practices, and the development of standardized financial products Explores the role of the Shariah Boards in establishing common rules regarding the permissibility of financial instruments and markets Offers guidance for regulators seeking to adapt their regulatory frameworks to the needs of the fast-growing Islamic finance sector

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Brian Kettell Case Studies in Islamic Banking and Finance

Case Studies in Islamic Banking and Finance is a pioneering resource that provides practical insights into the real world of Islamic financial transactions, and illustrates the complexities of this rapidly growing mode of modern finance. Based around 12 individual cases, the book stimulates discussion and develops the readers understanding of Islamic finance by contrasting the theoretical concepts discussed in the authors companion text Introduction to Islamic Banking and Finance with practical real world situations. The cases cover core Islamic banking and finance topics including the Ijara, Mudaraba and Musharaka contracts; Islamic mortgages for home finance; leverage; and issues involved in opening an Islamic bank. Financial statement analysis for Islamic banks, the implications for fund management for equity investing and the impact of loan defaults on Islamic and conventional banks are also included. Each chapter concludes with a set of questions designed to test the readers understanding of each case, with suggested solutions at the end of the book. This book is a must have resource for those wishing to apply their understanding of this complex subject and is an essential read for anyone seeking practical examples of how to apply the concepts in a real world environment.

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Brian Kettell The Islamic Banking and Finance Workbook. Step-by-Step Exercises to help you Master the Fundamentals of

The ongoing turbulence in the global financial markets has drawn attention to an alternative system of financial intermediation: Islamic banking and finance. This is now one of the fastest growing sectors within the market place and has, so far, remained on the sidelines of this unrest. Since the inception of Islamic banking thirty years ago the number and reach of Islamic financial institutions worldwide has risen significantly. Institutions offering Islamic financial services constitute a significant and growing share of the financial system in several countries, and market participants everywhere are joining the race to study and be a part of this emerging financial system. The Islamic Banking and Finance Workbook is a one-of-a-kind workbook on the topic, enabling readers to test their understanding of Islamic banking and finance concepts. Although suitable as a standalone learning tool, the book is designed to test the information covered in the companion book, Introduction to Islamic Finance and Banking, and covers the fundamentals of Shariaa law, the Islamic contracts interpretations and definitions, Murabaha, Mudaraba, Musharaka, Istisnaa, Salam and Ijara modes of finance, Takaful and much more. Emphasis is placed on mini case studies, multiple choice questions and tests of the basic concepts. It also includes a full answer key and brief chapter summaries, as well as learning objectives. The Islamic Banking and Finance Workbook is an essential learning tool for students and practitioners who want to test their knowledge of the rapidly growing world of Islamic banking and finance.

3215.04 РУБ



Hussein Kureshi Contracts and Deals in Islamic Finance. A Users Guide to Cash Flows, Balance Sheets, Capital Structures

A very accessible and concise guide to Islamic finance Contracts and Deals in Islamic Finance provides a clear breakdown of Islamic financial contracts and deal structures for beginners. The embedded requirements within selected Islamic financial contracts, such as risk weightage, capital structures, creations of cash flows, and balance sheets, are explained fully to provide a solid understanding of the backbone of the industry. Aimed primarily at beginners and those with a background in conventional banking, this book guides readers through the major contracts, how theyre applied, and how to discern a contracts legitimacy. Case studies and interviews with bankers and global regulators provide real-life examples of contract application, and the authors own experiences provide deep insight into the everyday issues that arise. Ancillary instructors materials include PowerPoint slides and lecture notes that facilitate use in the classroom. Literature describing the application of Islamic financial contracts is few and far between, and those providing a basic breakdown of these contracts and questioning their validity are rarer still. This book is the first of its kind, offering a basic approach to understanding Islamic contracts, designed for the true beginner. Understand the current contracts applied in Islamic banking Learn how contracts are applied across different jurisdictions Identify illegitimate contracts and those not in the spirit of Shariah law Examine the current economic realities surrounding Islamic finance By highlighting the underlying themes in Islamic finance and assessing the current practices, this book gives readers the solid understanding and up-to-date perspective that form a solid foundation upon which successful Islamic finance is practiced. For a solid introduction to the Islamic finance industry, Contracts and Deals in Islamic Finance is an accessible, practical guide.

3858.05 РУБ



Zamir Iqbal The Stability of Islamic Finance. Creating a Resilient Financial Environment for Secure Future

The Stability of Islamic Finance main focus is on the question of the sources of financial instability which seems inherent in the conventional system. As a core component of this focus, the book will consider episodes of turbulence and instability in a historical context recalling the occurrence of such events from mid-19th century to the present. It will present various theoretical explanations along with solutions and alternative financial systems that avoid instability provided by various scholars dating back to mid-19th century to present. The book then will present and discuss the architecture of an Islamic financial system and show that at its core, this system shares many characteristics of an stable financial system proposed by Western scholars throughout history to avoid the inherent instability of the present dominant system. Particular emphasis will be placed on the present financial crisis and its causes as well the financial crisis of the 1997 in Southeast Asia, Russia, and Latin America relating these episodes to the fundamental features of the dominant system. The debt crisis of the low income countries will also be part of this discussion. It will then argue that these crises could be mitigated under an Islamic system or any other system with similar architecture.

5508.52 РУБ



Brian Kettell Islamic Finance in a Nutshell. A Guide for Non-Specialists

The recent turbulence in the global financial markets has drawn attention to an alternative system of financial intermediation: Islamic banking and finance, which has so far remained on the sidelines of the unrest. Islamic Finance in a Nutshell is a quick and easy guide to understanding the fundamentals of Islamic Finance and how the Islamic Financial markets work. Designed as a quick read for practitioners needing to pick up the basics of the industry, it will enable readers to understand the differences Islamic and Western finance. Starting with the rise of Islamic finance, the book highlights the key areas which practitioners need to grasp to understand the marketplace including financial statement analysis, Sharia’a law, making money in the absence of interest and regulation. The book also provides readers with a basic guide to Arab terminology and a guide to the top financial institutions within the Islamic markets. This is an ideal guide for anyone with an interest in how these financial markets work, but who do not want to be bogged down in complex and unnecessary terminology.

2250.53 РУБ



Chantal Ammi Banking Governance, Performance and Risk-Taking. Conventional Banks vs Islamic

Development of emerging countries is often enabled through non-conventional finance. Indeed, the prohibition of interest and some other impediments require understanding conventional finance and Islamic finance, which both seek to be ethical and socially responsible. Thus, comparing and understanding the features of Islamic banking and conventional banking, in a globalized economy, is fundamental. This book explains the features of both conventional and Islamic banking within the current international context. It also provides a comparative view of banking governance, performance and risk-taking of both finance systems. It will be of particular use to practitioners and researchers, as well as to organizations and companies who are interested in conventional and Islamic banking.

9423.62 РУБ



REDmoney The Islamic Finance Handbook. A Practitioners Guide to the Global Markets

Get up to speed quickly on the worlds fastest growing financial sector The Islamic Finance Handbook: A Practitioners Guide to the Global Markets is the definitive report for the Islamic finance industry. Written by the industrys leading practitioners, the book provides a country-by-country breakdown of the current state of the Islamic market, including league tables by region and by country. Relevant case studies are used throughout to illustrate the practical aspect of the information presented. Organized for easy navigation, each chapter features sub-sections that allow instant comparison between countries in a specific area of interest. The Islamic finance industry is the worlds fastest growing sector, valued at over U.S. $1.3 trillion by the UK Islamic Finance secretariat, with an annual growth of 24% for the past five years. To compete globally, practitioners need a true understanding of key markets within the industry. The Islamic Finance Handbook paints a clear picture of where each country stands in its development and role within the market, and provides a straightforward comparison between markets. Features include: Current macroeconomic and microeconomic conditions Regulatory and political situations Recent transactions, key participants, and the investor climate Real-world cases, as opposed to speculative scenarios The book places a clear focus on current conditions versus past performance, and on practical applications versus theoretical speculation. Each chapter is authored by a leading practitioner from within each country, allowing a true glimpse inside the day-to-day workings of the Islamic markets. For finance professionals who need to get up to speed on this rapidly growing sector, The Islamic Finance Handbook: A Practitioners Guide to the Global Markets is a clear, comprehensive guide.

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На корме «Зимородка», у гакаборта, Замира Дракеша, формально будучи ... себе представляете — десятифутовая дубовая балка, толще мужского бедра. ... Доспехи Эзри сняла, оставшись в рубахе тонкого полотна и бриджах ...

Бриджи — Википедия

Бри́джи (англ. breeches или britches) — брюки особого покроя, у которых нижние ... часть стандартного западноевропейского мужского костюма, также ...Не найдено: замирБрюки капри - сравните цены и купите в интернет-магазине по ...https://atoro.ru/products/брюки%20капри/7812153/Сохраненная копияБриджи мужские CLEVER WEAR Бриджи мужские MHH562510. 2 130 руб. Бельетаж в Москву из ... Данные Яндекс.Маркета · Бриджи мужские "Замир".

Каталог – Интернет-магазин "Кони и Пони"

/ Бриджи мужские. Бриджи мужские. Выберите бренды: Euro-Star, Германия. Kingsland, Норвегия. Kyron, Германия. Le Mieux, Англия. Pikeur, Германия.

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22 июл. 2017 г. - раскутывать Фросю и делать свою мужскую работу. Это не я хотел, это ...... Даже не бриджи, а скорее юбка — двоих таких редакторов ...

Распродажа Бриджи мужские "Замир" ~ Шорты \ www9 ...

мода мужчины шорты 2016 популярных летних горячей mens шорты случайных молодых мужчин плюс размер m-5xl пляж шорты хлопка мужчины ...

Модные русские: кто они? - Стиль - Стиль на сайте ИЛЬ ДЕ БОТЭ

28 мар. 2014 г. - Парижская неделя моды: Мужские коллекции весна-лето 2012 26 июня 2011, 00:00; Модная парка: 20 образов 08 декабря 2013, 00:00 ...

Мужские бриджи в интернет-магазинах Москвы: каталог...

Мужские бриджи, как предмет гардероба, прочно вошли в обиход представителя сильной половины человечества. Сегодня можно подобрать модели не только на каждый день, но и спортивные, трикотажные варианты для дома и специальные фасоны для верховой езды. ... Бриджи для мужчин в магазинах в Москве. Если вы следите за последними модными тенденциями, то точно знаете, что каждый представитель сильной...

Халаты женские - ஐ Качественный трикотаж по низким ценам - 2 ...

122, Халат женский м-389 Замира Артикул: 122. Халат женский м-389 Замира. 507,10 р .... Шорты, бриджи мужские. 9 товаров6 заказов. Мужские шорты.

Русские женщины (47 рассказов о женщинах) - Владимир ... - litra.pro

Оболоклись бабы в мужские пиджаки и куртки, повесили на плечи косы — на заимку направляются. ...... Я всё же выбрал новокупленные (кстати, по её подсказке) бриджи и шёлковую ..... Замира», «Красавица Даша, круглосуточно.

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Шорты и бриджи больших размеров для мужчин от магазина "Добрыня". Стильная одежда от итальянских, немецких и турецких производителей. Мы предоставляем качественный товар по приемлемой цене. Телефон: +7 499 397-73-94. ... Состав: 98% хлопок, 2% эластанСезон: ЛетоОбъём пояса: 56 см - 68 смПосадочное седло: 33 см - 36 смДл.. 5 850.00 р.

MamaAbakana.ru • Просмотр темы - МАГАЗИН ПРИСТРОЯ! НОВЫЙ ГРАФИК ...

13 нояб. 2015 г. - ... спортивные костюмы, бриджи, шорты, футболи, брюки, ростовки от 86 до 146 а .... есть в пристрое майки мужские белые 50-52 размера? ... zamiraесть в магазине пристроя, цены до 1000 р, замира вопрос этот ...

Шорты - Товары в Шорты | 1 Страница ~ Dubstepplanet.ru

Сравнить (0). Шорты для девочек Outventure, размер 164. Новое Распродажа! (0) ... 449 ₽ 899 -50 %. Бриджи мужские "Замир". Новое Распродажа! (0) ...

Любовные романы - Книги - Страница 95 - ЛитМир

... имя Генри, предпочитала бриджи роскошным туалетам и успешно управляла .... Она - очень романтичная особа, испытывающая недостаток мужского ...

Трофимова Ульяна. Грани ненависти - Журнал "Самиздат"

3 янв. 2018 г. - Мужской или женский - не разобрать, но в нем явственно сквозила мука. ...... Бриджи и туника из сукна, сапоги, куртка с глубоким капюшоном, плащ - все ...... Замир принес большую охапку соломы и тростника, и они ...

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24 июл. 2018 г. - аксессуары - ремни мужские - Купить Ремень мужской, гладкий, пряжка - автомат под металл, цвет чёрный арт. 2142543, по оптовой ...

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Купить 2231 товар в разделе мужские шорты и бермуды. Artaban.ru - модные и недорогие вещи. Бесплатный телефон по России: 8-800-333-57-92. ... Мужские шорты и бермуды. Сортировка: Сначала дешевые Сначала дорогие По популярности Скидки Новинки. Man's World Шорты.

Каталог товаров МУЖСКАЯ ОДЕЖДА Grandstock 2018 (страница 13)

Новая коллекция МУЖСКАЯ ОДЕЖДА Grandstock 2018. ... Каталог МУЖСКАЯ ОДЕЖДА Grandstock 2018 (страница 13) .... Бриджи мужские "Замир". 439 у.

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Шафа - это сайт для продажи и обмена женской одежды. Распродайте свой гардероб и найдите для себя что-то интересное!

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Продажа мужских шорт, новых и б/у в Белой Церкви ➤ Объявления с фото и ценами ✅ Здесь вы можете выбрать и купить шорты мужские, узнать цены, добавить объявление Белая Церковь на Besplatka.ua ... Розміри - 33 Замір..

Бриджи мужские | Каталог

Мужские бриджи. Сортировать по. Цена товара -/+. Показано 1 - 7 из 7. 18 24 100. 6670,00 руб. Размер. 46 54 48 50 52. Подробнее. Бриджи HC Grip с... Мужские бриджи для верховой езды с полной силиконовой леей, от... 5890,00 руб. Цвет. синий белый. Размер. 46 50 48. Подробнее.

Книга: Красные моря под красными небесами - e-Reading

Глаза – они и мышцы укрепляют, и от холеры уберегут, и мужской силы ...... на красную шелковую рубаху, черные бриджи, кожаный жилет и высокие ...... Замира, не обращая внимания на вошедших, указала на что-то за окном:.

Шорты Orby Vigodaselect.ru

Шорты отлично сочетаются с футболкой или толстовкой. ... Шорты Lucky Child Стильный пес, цвет: синий ... Бриджи мужские Замир от Грандсток.

SRLD Многой цвет Номер М

мужчины белье шорты моды случайных мужчин шорты пляж летом новые досуг дикарей Loose печать...

Юлиана Ускова, Стерлитамак - Valet.ru

Спортивная женская и мужская одежда. Размеры 42-58. (костюмы, лосины, бриджи, шорты, юбки-шорты, брюки, футболки, ... Замир Вахитов. user ...

Бриджи мужские "Замир" низкая цена - Шорты ~ www9 ...

Бриджи мужские "Замир" ... Новые мужские модные компрессионные колготки короткие 3D-печать Quick Dry Skinny Leggings Tights Fitness MMA Брюки ...

2015 № 3 (I) - kazpatent

16 мар. 2015 г. - положительного субъекта мужского пола включаю- щий введение от около ...... предприниматель. Базарбаева Замира Эдуардовна (KZ).

Нижнее белье в Березниках. Сравнить цены, купить ...

Комплекты мужского белья 210. Показать все 3 ..... Кружевной женский комплект нижнего белья "Замира" ручной работы (4 цвета) ..... Сексуальный Женское нижнее белье Свежие кнопки Полые кружева T назад Шорты 1TopShop.

Как правильно делать замеры

Джинсы, брюки, шорты​ .... девочек · Платья детские · Регланы для девочки · Футболки для девочек · Шорты и юбки для девочек · Пижамы для девочек.

Брюки и шорты, МУЖСКАЯ ОДЕЖДА в Екатеринбурге

МУЖСКАЯ ОДЕЖДА - Брюки и шорты недорого в Екатеринбурге. Домашние брюки ..... Подробнее >>> · Бриджи мужские Замир - МУЖСКАЯ ОДЕЖДА ...

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БРИДЖИ ДЛЯ ПОХУДЕНИЯ · @nikamoda_lingerie .... @luxarybracelet · БРАСЛЕТЫ МУЖСКИЕ И ЖЕНСКИЕ ...... @shadyevazamira · Шадыева Замира.

Аниматорский костюм «Лепрекон» мужской для взрослых Купить в ...

Аниматорский костюм «Лепрекон» мужской для взрослых. Комплект: шляпа, борода, фрак, рубашка, бриджи с гетрами, имитация обуви. Код товара: ...

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Шорты, бриджи мужские. Покупать новые вещи в гардероб сегодня стало намного проще. Большой популярностью пользуются интернет-магазины, где можно купить мужские шорты или бриджи, в том числе и недорогие модели категории сток или секонд-хенд. ... Недорогие мужские бриджи и шорты б/у — доступная по цене одежда в каталоге «Сэконом».

Бриджи мужские Замир категория Одежда - SP Aloza

Купить Бриджи мужские Замир Отзывы о товаре Бриджи мужские Замир.

В Благовещенск привезли бриллиант стоимостью более 2 ...

28 янв. 2008 г. - Это мужская печатка. «Город солнца» - лауреат всероссийского конкурса «Признание Петербурга». Центральный камень – бриллиант ...

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Большой выбор мужских бриджей в интернет-магазине WildBerries.ru. Бесплатная доставка и постоянные скидки!Не найдено: замирШорты, Одежда. Сравнить цены в каталоге Etwish.ruhttps://etwish.ru/shorty-t8188Сохраненная копияШорты купить, сравнить стоимость или подобрать аналоги поможет каталог ... Шорты мужские Outventure, размер 50 .... Бриджи мужские "Замир".

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Бриджи мужские. Артикул: А0207. Цена:1650 руб. Количество. Таблица размеров. Ультрамягкие бриджи из меланжированного хлопка с лайкрой. Удобный пояс и широкие манжеты мягко фиксируют бриджи, небольшая свобода в области колена предохраняет ткань от вытягивания даже при самой интенсивной практике. СОСТАВ: 92% хлопок, 8% лайкра. 5. ... Что Вы думаете об этом продукте? Бриджи мужские. Артикул: А0207. Оцените товар*

Мужские бриджи МБР301 – Купить по доступной цене...

Брюки, бриджи мужские. Футболки мужские. Толстовки мужские. Брюки, бриджи мужские. Рубашки мужские. Костюмы мужские.

Мужские бриджи 2018/2019 – каталог, где купить, цены и интернет ...

28 моделей мужских бриджейв 9 интернет-магазинах. Скидки и ... Бриджи мужские Salomon Agile, размер 44-46. 2395.68 руб ... Бриджи мужские "Замир".

Магазин больших размеров "Большие люди" | OK.RU

наши бриджи на завязках скпер удобные, решите сами как их затянуть и какой длины они будут ... Замир Шомахов ... Мужские поло,тенниски,футболки.

Мужские бриджи

Мужские бриджи предлагаются по демократичным расценкам и в широком ассортименте. Потребитель сам выбирает виды доставки и расчета. Ассортимент бридж постоянно пополняется. ... Мужские бриджи. Что носить с мужскими бриджами. Подбирая комплект одежды, которая подойдет для ношения с бриджами, надо обратить внимание на рубашки спортивного типа и на футболки, из обуви лучше всего подойдут сандалии или мокасины.

ДЛЯ МУЖЧИН :: БРЮКИ/ШОРТЫ :: Бриджи мужские 11...

Бриджи мужские Monroe полная лея, Animo Италия. В наличии. По запросу Под заказ. ... Бриджи мужские Robert джинсовые, коленная силиконовая лея, Equiline Италия, код N08419. В наличии. По запросу Под заказ.

3 - Стена | ВКонтакте

Замира Исмаилова Садовод 22- 126 ..... мужская одежда - свитера, кофты, штаны , водолазки ... Поставщик Мужская одежда и Обувь Штучно!

Домашние мужские бриджи

Домашние мужские бриджи. 1560 руб. (Артикул: IFMT 771223 ch). ... Комфортные бриджи ниже колена для дома, отдыха и спорта. Модель свободного кроя с эластичной резинкой и контрастным шнурком по поясу – для улучшения посадки на фигуре. Изделие выполнено из трикотажного полотна высокого качества с добавлением эластана.

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Minecraft в Украине. Сравнить цены, купить потребительские ...

Одежда мужская 674. Толстовки и регланы мужские 416. Футболки и майки мужские 255. Шорты и бриджи мужские 3. Найдено еще в 111 категориях.

Шорты и бриджи в Бишкеке купить цена оптом и в розницу - стр. 16

Купить Шорты и бриджи с доставкой по Кыргызстану в Интернет магазине Max.kg. ... Бриджи для девочки, рост 104 см, цвет изумрудный CK 7T069 Ош.

Мужские бриджи, шорты и бермуды: купить в Москве...

Вы можете купить мужские бриджи, шорты, бермуды в ведущих интернет магазинах в Москве. Информацию о способах оплаты и возможность самовывоза уточняйте в выбранном магазине. ... далее. Подберите оптимальную для вас модель по цене, техническим характеристикам и стоимости доставки. свернуть.

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@sumki_iz_toscany · ЖЕНСКИЕ И МУЖСКИЕ СУМКИ · @braustore · Shoes & ...... Журнал мужской кулинарии. ..... ОМАРОВА ЗАМИРА ОМАРОВНА.

Бриджи мужские "Замир" приобрести | Шорты - Ww8.IsHopBuy.ru

Шорты для мальчиков Outventure, размер 134. Размер - 134. Шорты от outventure станут отличным выбором для походов. Отведение влаги технология ...

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Выбирайте из 31 товар в категории бриджи мужские exxtasy gomez в наличии! ✈✈✈ Доставка: Москва ... Бриджи мужские "Замир". 489 руб. Grandstock.ru ...

Как правильно делать замеры одежды - Интернет магазин ...

Качественная мужская одежда с гарантия качества от производителя, скидки и ... Юбки, брюки, шорты, капри ... КАК ЗАМЕРЯТЬ МУЖСКУЮ ОДЕЖДУ.

Сонник Джинсы приснились, к чему снятся Джинсы во сне видеть?

Именослов; Именины; Женские имена · Мужские имена; Значение отчества; Тайна дня рождения. Карты Таро; Карта дня; На отношения; Да-нет ...

Карта раздела - Портал Sweet211.RU

3 мар. 2007 г. - ... Продолжение двух весьма успешных британских лент «Дневник Бриджи.. ... сообщил представитель МИД РФ Замир Кабулов. Дипломат пояснил, ... Исследователи из США составили список мужских профессий, ...

Мужские шорты, бриджи оптом в интернет-магазине...

Мужские шорты, бриджи купить оптом по низкой цене - это возможность совершить прибыльную сделку в интернет-магазине UWSTORE.RU. Большой объем товаров позволяет нашей компании делать оптовую цену минимальной, тем самым вы извлекаете большую выгоду, а мы получаем больший товарооборот. Мужские шорты, бриджи в обширном ассортименте знаменитых во всем мире брендов - это наша уникальность.

Бриджи мужские Falke в Калининграде - 260 товаров: Выгодные ...

В категории: Бриджи мужские Falke - купить по выгодной цене, доставка: ... Бриджи мужские Salomon Agile, размер 44-46 .... Бриджи мужские "Замир" ...

Жанр "Исторические любовные романы" - Книги - Страница 12 ...

... Генри, предпочитала бриджи роскошным туалетам и успешно управляла ..... Одетая в ковбойские брюки и мужскую Полотняную рубашку, эта юная ...

Мужские бриджи: какие модели в моде и важные...

Отдельного разговора заслуживают мужские бриджи для спорта. Это могут быть трикотажные модели для пробежек и занятий в спортивном зале. Бриджи, созданные для верховой езды, могут иметь кожаные вставки вдоль шагового шва. ... Мужские бриджи будут хорошо смотреться на спортивных фигурах. Учитывайте, что данная модель визуально скрадывает рост, поэтому невысоким мужчинам она не слишком подходит.

ТОПОВЫЕ КРОССОВКИ И КЕДЫ 2016's Friends in @rrstore_spb ...

Мужская|Женская|Детская Одежда's Photos in @kingsaless Instagram Account kingsaless ..... Бриджи Hot Shapers's Photos in @hudeybystro Instagram Account ...... Замира Хадумова's Photos in @zamirakhadumova Instagram Account ...

Наградные и георгиевские ленты - actmart.ru

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Мужская одежда Грандсток 2018/2019 – каталог, где купить, цены и ...

Цены и где купить мужская одежда Грандсток 2018/2019 – каталог, где купить, цены и ... Шорты мужские "Агент". 809 руб. ... Бриджи мужские "Замир".

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Женские брюки в Львове купить недорого, цены - Клумба, стр. 10

320 грн. ♥ Брюки атласные - 38р ♥♥♥. 150 грн. Летние брюки женские р. S, Tintoretto. 450 грн. Теплі штани р. 48-52 (див. замір). 150 грн. Брюки. 30 грн.

Бриджи мужские "Замир" | Шорты | Grand Stock - Tagzer

Бриджи мужские "Замир" | Шорты | Grand Stock - Купить недорого в интернет-магазине, Продажа, Сравнить цены, Акции и Распродажа.

Мужские шорты, бриджи

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Женские и мужские трикотажные топы для танцевальной команды! .... Замира Ибрагимова ( @zamiraibragimova ) ... балетки на каблуке Боди юбки колготки футболки майки топы шорты бриджи лосины брюки, нижнее белье для ...

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трусы мужские, бязь. 100% х/б трусы мужские семейные, рисунок по бязи, бязь плотная г. ...... 100% хлопокКомплект детский, летний для мальчиков, бриджи+майка. Цена: 265.00 руб. ...... Халат женский Замира М389. 100% хлопок.

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Amr Mohamed El Tiby Ahmed Islamic Banking. How to Manage Risk and Improve Profitability

A detailed look at the fast-growing field of Islamic finance and banking The guiding principle of Islamic finance has existed throughout Islamic history, yet modern Islamic banking has been around for a relatively short period of time. Author Amr Mohamed El Tiby is an expert in this field, and with this new book, he reveals how you can benefit from the use of Islamic banking strategies in your financial endeavors. Engaging and accessible, Islamic Banking shows the impact this approach has made on conventional banking since the 1950s, and why its such a big player in the current market. It offers a unique look at various aspects of this field, including the salient features of Islamic banking that distinguishes it from non-Islamic banking, the development of the regulatory bodies and supervisory agencies that support the Islamic banking system, and much more. It also explores the nature of risk in Islamic banking and the issues of capital adequacy, corporate governance, transparency, and risk associated with Islamic banking. Discusses the history and development of Islamic finance Offers straightforward strategies for implementing Islamic finance into your business activities Sheds light on the effect of the global economic crisis on Islamic banks versus conventional banks Filled with in-depth insights and expert advice, this detailed analysis of Islamic finance will help you gain a firm understanding of how effective this proven approach can be.

4501.06 РУБ



Brian Kettell Frequently Asked Questions in Islamic Finance

In Frequently Asked Questions in Islamic Finance, industry expert Brian Kettell answers some of the most frequently asked questions from his many years experience in working and teaching in Islamic finance and banking. From knowledge of the Quran and Shariaa Law, to new and old Islamic financial concepts, Islamic terms, and Islamic financial instruments and services, this book covers all the key areas that practitioners need to Islamic finance. The book addresses individual questions such as “what is Takaful?”, and provide answers with a clear overview of the product or service, and an example, or illustration where appropriate, of how they work in practice. The book also features a question and answer section for readers to test and build their knowledge of the area. Light, entertaining and varied in its approach, Frequently Asked Questions in Islamic Finance will prove popular for experienced practioners and novices alike.

2247.31 РУБ



Karen Hunt-Ahmed Contemporary Islamic Finance. Innovations, Applications and Best Practices

A comprehensive look at the innovations, applications, and best practices of Islamic finance Islamic-compliant finance is transacted in every major world financial center, and the need for information on the topic in light of its global reach has grown exponentially. As an expert in this field, author Karen Hunt-Ahmed understands the intricacies of this area of the capital markets. Now, along with the help of a number of experienced contributors, she skillfully addresses Islamic finance from the perspective of practitioners, examining issues in wealth management, contract law, private equity, asset management, and much more. Engaging and accessible, Contemporary Islamic Finance skillfully explains the practices and innovations of Islamic finance in everything from banking and real estate to private equity, asset management, and many other areas. It is intended to be the go-to resource for both Muslims as well as non-Muslims with an interest in the subject. Divided into three comprehensive parts, it will put you in a better position to understand, and excel at, this important endeavor. Introduces you to the history, legal structures, and basic financial contracts in the industry Highlights the various issues facing contemporary Islamic finance practitioners, and details their significance in the contemporary financial and cultural environment Includes case studies of United States-based transactions and related challenges and successes Filled with in-depth insights and expert advice, this detailed analysis of Contemporary Islamic Finance will help you gain a firm understanding of how effective this proven approach can be.

8037.6 РУБ



William Preinitz Intermediate Structured Finance Modeling. Leveraging Excel, VBA, Access, and Powerpoint

This book provides a pragmatic, hands-on approach to reaching an intermediate level of sophistication as a financial modeler. Expanding on the first book, A Fast Tract to Structured Finance Modeling, Monitoring, and Valuation, the book will guide you step-by-step through using learned principals in new and more powerful applications. These applications will build on the knowledge of Excel and VBA gained, expand the use of Access for data management tasks, as well as PowerPoint and Outlook for reporting and presentation tasks.

11252.64 РУБ



Natalie Schoon Modern Islamic Banking. Products and Processes in Practice

A complete, detailed guide to modern Islamic banking fundamentals Modern Islamic Bankingprovides a comprehensive, up-to-the-minute guide to the products, processes and legal doctrines underlying Islamic banking. Written by a pioneering practitioner in the field, this book provides thorough guidance and expert-level perspective on the principles and applications of this alternative-banking model. Youll begin by learning the fundamentals, vocabulary and key concepts of Islamic banking, then explore key products including istisnaa, murabaha, musharaka, ijara, sukuk, and salam. Coverage then moves into practical applications of Islamic products to a variety of contexts including asset management, treasury, risk management, venture capital, SME finance, micro-finance and taxation. Regulatory frameworks are discussed in detail, including extensive coverage of post-financial crisis Islamic bank valuation. Islamic banking has experienced rapid growth over the past decade, a trend that is set to continue given the sectors successful weathering of the financial crisis. This book brings you up to speed on this alternative way of banking, and shows you how it applies within your own current practices. Understand the principles of Islamic banking and finance Learn the products, vocabulary and key concepts of the field Consider the applications in a variety of financial contexts Explore the regulatory frameworks and valuation of Islamic banks Islamic banking practices differ from Western banking in fundamental ways – its these differences that shielded the sector during the global crisis, but they also require practitioners to understand a whole new set of rules, products and practices. Modern Islamic Banking gives you a solid understanding of the fundamentals and expert insight into modern practical applications.

6430.08 РУБ



Francesco DAdamo La historia de Iqbal

Brian Kettell Introduction to Islamic Banking and Finance

Introduction to Islamic Banking and Finance is a succinct guide to the key characteristics of Islamic banking highlighting how these differ from conventional banking. This detailed book illustrates how Islamic banking is consistent with the Shariaa, a key element of which is the prohibition on collecting and paying interest. This central religious precept appears to rule out most aspects of modern finance but it does allow money to be used for trading tangible assets and business, which can then generate a profit. Brian Kettells book looks at all aspects of Islamic banking, including chapters on its creation and evolution through to detailed discussions of the issues involved in the Shariaa contracts of Murabaha, Mudaraba, Musharaka, Ijara, Istisnaa, and Salam. Islamic insurance (Takaful) is also covered. Finally the book takes a look at Shariaa law and Shariaa boards, indicating the roles and responsibilities that come with membership. Islamic banks have been operating in places such as Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and Dubai for some time. Conventional bankers have traditionally viewed the sector as a small, exotic niche but recent years have seen a dramatic surge in popularity. A number of Western investment banks have started working with Muslim clerics to create new ranges of financial products designed for devout Muslims, a large and growing market. Although estimates of the size of the Islamic finance industry vary greatly, everyone agrees that it is expanding rapidly and this is the perfect book for anyone looking to understand the industry.

4179.55 РУБ



Bettina Gracias My Name Is Iqbal Masih

Noureddine Krichene Islamic Capital Markets. Theory and Practice

A comprehensive look at the essentials of Islamic capital markets Bringing together theoretical and practical aspects of capital markets, Islamic Capital Markets offers readers a comprehensive insight into the institutions, instruments, and regulatory framework that comprise Islamic capital markets. Also exploring ideas about money, central banking, and economic growth theory and their role in Islamic capital markets, the book provides students and practitioners with essential information about the analytical tools of Islamic capital markets, serves as a guide to investing in Islamic assets, and examines risk management and the structure of Islamic financial products. Author and Islamic finance expert Noureddine Krichene examines the development of leading Islamic capital markets, including Malaysia, looking at sukuks and stocks in detail and emphasizing valuation, duration, convexity, immunization, yield curves, forward rates, swaps, and risks. Analyzing stock markets, stock valuation, price-earnings ratio, market efficiency hypothesis, and equity premiums, the book addresses uncertainty in capital markets, portfolio diversification theory, risk-return trade-off, pricing of assets, cost of capital, derivatives and their role in hedging and speculation, the principle of arbitrage and replication, Islamic structured products, the financing of large projects, and more. Emphasizes both theoretical and practical aspects of capital markets, covering analytical concepts such as the theory of arbitrage, pricing of assets, capital market pricing model, Arrow-Debreu state prices, risk-neutral pricing, derivatives markets, hedging and risk management, and structured products Provides students and practitioners of finance with must-have information about the analytical tools employed in Islamic capital markets Examines all the most recent developments in major Islamic capital markets, including Malaysia Discussing the advantages of Islamic capital markets and the prospects for their development, Islamic Capital Markets gives readers a fundamental grounding in the subject, with an emphasis on financial theory and real world practice.

12152.85 РУБ



Laurent Jacque L. International Corporate Finance. Value Creation with Currency Derivatives in Global Capital Markets

A thorough introduction to corporate finance from a renowned professor of finance and banking As globalization redefines the field of corporate finance, international and domestic finance have become almost inseparably intertwined. Its increasingly difficult to understand what is happening in capital markets without a firm grasp of currency markets, the investment strategies of sovereign wealth funds, carry trade, and foreign exchange derivatives products. International Corporate Finance offers thorough coverage of the international monetary climate, including Islamic finance, Asian banking, and cross-border mergers and acquisitions. Additionally, the book offers keen insight on global capital markets, equity markets, and bond markets, as well as foreign exchange risk management and how to forecast exchange rates. Offers a comprehensive discussion of the current state of international corporate finance Provides simple rules and pragmatic answers to key managerial questions and issues Includes case studies and real-world decision-making situations For anyone who wants to understand how finance works in todays hyper-connected global economy, International Corporate Finance is an insightful, practical guide to this complex subject.

7716.1 РУБ



Noripah Kamso Investing In Islamic Funds. A Practitioners Perspective

A guide to Islamic investment opportunities from the CEO of the worlds leading Islamic finance bank Offering an insiders perspective on a rapidly growing sector of the financial industry, Investing in Islamic Funds details the basic principles of Islamic investing for Muslims and non-Muslims alike. It explains how Islamic equity and fixed-income products differ from traditional funds, and how they deliver excellent results while still conforming to Sharia principles. Using hard data from the last six years, the book also reveals how Islamic funds have offered predictable, reliable returns in volatile markets and turbulent financial times. For institutional investors as well as sophisticated individual investors, the book serves as an excellent introduction to the subject and surveys the full range of products available. Additionally, the book will arm financial services professionals with the knowledge they need to explain this new investment opportunity to clients. One of the few books available that offers comprehensive data on the performance of Islamic funds in addition to the underlying theory that governs them Written by the CEO of CIMB-Principal Islamic Asset Management, the worlds leading Islamic finance bank Features charts, case studies, comparative analysis, and a tabular data format Debunks the misconceptions traditional investors may have about the profitability Islamic funds For professional and institutional investors, as well as private investors looking for new opportunities, Investing in Islamic Funds offers a much-needed primer on this fast-growing market.

5658.47 РУБ



Maire Loughran Intermediate Accounting For Dummies

The easy way to master an intermediate accounting course Intermediate accounting courses are required for students seeking bachelors degrees in accounting and often for degrees in finance, business administration, and management. Intermediate Accounting For Dummies provides you with a deeper and broader level of accounting theory, serving as an excellent course supplement and study guide to help you master the concepts of this challenging program. With easy-to-understand explanations and realworld examples, Intermediate Accounting For Dummies covers all the topics youll encounter in an intermediate accounting course: the conceptual framework of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), financial ratio analysis, equity accounting, investment strategies, financial statement preparation, and more Tracks to a typical intermediate accounting curriculum Expert information and real-world examples Other titles from Loughran: Financial Accounting For Dummies and Auditing For Dummies With the help of Intermediate Accounting For Dummies, youll discover the fast and easy way to take the confusion out of the complex theories and methods associated with a typical intermediate accounting course.

1735.48 РУБ



Muhammad Saleem Yusuf Islamic Commercial Law

A concise study of the practices in Islamic commercial law Filling a gap in the current literature, Islamic Commercial Law is the only book available that combines the theory and practice of Islamic commercial law in an English-language text. From the experts at the International Islamic University Malaysia, the book examines the source materials in the Quran and Hadith, and highlights the views and positions of leading schools of Islamic law, without burying the reader in juristic minutia. It combines theory with practice to address the needs of students while providing a pragmatic treatment of Islamic contracts. It provides diagrams for individual contracts to reveal the type and nature of the contractual relationships between parties and discusses all types of fundamental transactions, including sales, loans, debt transfers, partnerships, and more. Written by experts from the International Islamic University Malaysia, the leading organisation in research in Islamic finance Closes a vital gap in the English-language literature on Islamic commercial law Features end-of-chapter questions to enable self-testing and provoke critical thinking An ideal guide for current students, researchers, and practitioners, Islamic Commercial Law offers a concise yet comprehensive coverage of the subject.

5658.47 РУБ



Markus Hoechstoetter Probability and Statistics for Finance

A comprehensive look at how probability and statistics is applied to the investment process Finance has become increasingly more quantitative, drawing on techniques in probability and statistics that many finance practitioners have not had exposure to before. In order to keep up, you need a firm understanding of this discipline. Probability and Statistics for Finance addresses this issue by showing you how to apply quantitative methods to portfolios, and in all matter of your practices, in a clear, concise manner. Informative and accessible, this guide starts off with the basics and builds to an intermediate level of mastery. • Outlines an array of topics in probability and statistics and how to apply them in the world of finance • Includes detailed discussions of descriptive statistics, basic probability theory, inductive statistics, and multivariate analysis • Offers real-world illustrations of the issues addressed throughout the text The authors cover a wide range of topics in this book, which can be used by all finance professionals as well as students aspiring to enter the field of finance.

6108.58 РУБ